“Portuguese creative Luis Dourado is actually a trained product designer, so to be greeted with images that suggest we´re in the company of a traditional image-maker surprises us slightly. Although not exactly honouring the vocation he set out to follow, Luis spatial awareness and understanding of form were always going to put him ahead of the game if he did turn his hand to two-dimensions. His “Maps” series is the perfect example of a sharp compositional eye, and as he modestly puts himself, the pieces are based simply on “intuitive manipulations”. The raw for the pieces were plucked from Luis´collection of “stuff that might be useful one day” – a mix of things he carefully selects from markets around Berlin, where he currently lives. The precious parchment is then intuitively cut, rotated, and maneuvered before being effortlessly re-positioned to give what Luis describes as a “trippy” effect. Whatever you label the final gratifying aesthetic, we think it´s rather nice.”

Text by Alex Bec

It´s Nice That – Issue 5